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Two states, two brothers, two paths, two rules. One truth.

When Richard Wise discovers a way to cheat his way into Nemes and bring chaos to Silany he takes the Nuvo drug and enters the matrix of his own mind. But before he can rob one final bank and Ascend, he will have to face his twin brother, Norman Wise, the new cop in Silany whose mission to expose the truth behind the wall dividing the states, dividing the races, and dividing their choices, has only just begun.

HCC is a story of two races, two types of people, and two sets of values, it is the story of two parents, two choices and two rules Georgia sets for her twins. A science fiction dystopian cyberpunk which combines heist thriller in a future world where the land is divided by a wall. One is a symbol for the future, one is rotting and rooted in its past, in an old world, before the war. But will either brother find the middle road in a world so opposed in values that even the genes are different? The story of Nemes and Silany is an ancient one. It is the story of control, of hope and of the truth. But for them both to learn this truth one will have to destroy the other. To learn it, one must break their mother’s two rules, ones that she set for her boys once long ago.

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