Misfits, outcasts and renegades - the written works of ROACH use radical fictional characters as a vehicle to investigate the conventions of social norms / truths; and by their very nature, offer an alternative dialogue to the vernacular conversations of the ordinary and the unfulfilled.

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Hard Copy Cognition: Vol.1

"Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts" - Plotinus


Delving into the dichotomy between two fictional states (Silany and Nemes), the Tales of the Fallible poses a simple question: is it better to be right (at the expense of our virtues) or happy (whilst compromising our idealism)?


At the micro socio-economic level, this contrast in philosophical ideals is explored further in the life of the Wise family - a unit torn, between humanity + contentment on one hand, and power + freedom on the other.

In doing so, the book also questions our presumptions about morality (what is inherently good + right vs what is evil + wrong) by exposing the duality  / contradictions in all of us.


Hard Copy Cognition 



Pantheon Orisha


The Guilt of Gold


Black China


The Matryr of Regicide

The Truth in Madness


A Memoir

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