Inspired by the principles of existentialism, Roach is a collection of artistic works by L.K.Ifayemi, where madness prevails and the dialectic reigns supreme.

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My work aims to giving authorship and dialectic visibility to unconventional thought, inspired by unique characters, with a strong sense of purpose, difference and intent.

In doing so, ROACH hopes to provide a much-needed platform for the existential narrative, and facilitate philosophical inquiry, to challenge our assumptions about knowledge, reality and existence.


With each series / collection exploring a different thesis or topic, ROACH artworks include drawings, paintings and sculptures – all of which are comprised of two parts or elements, known as volumes.


Written works by L.K.Ifayemi borrow from the world of film / cinema to re-imagine, intellectualise and narrate the most profound of human stories - covering journey's of difference, trauma, struggle and triumph.


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L.K.Ifayemi is an entrepreneur, artist and writer, whose works aim to give a voice to the rebellious, the disobedient and the insatiable – of which he is one.

"For me, the ROACH narrative is eclectic and autobiographical. It is a true reflection of myself - my virtues, my values and my outlook.

In the lives of the invisible, the forgotten and the forsaken, I seek to capture some element of truth - through the smaller moments we often overlook and / or take for granted.

These everyday, bygone and seemingly trivial nothings, are more important and truthful than any other. These are the moments between the momentous."

- L.K.Ifayemi

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